1 day workshops with

Susan Phoenix & Barbara Whiteside

Join us for a powerful, lifechanging 1 day workshop

Our lives are so busy that we are drowning with information every day; from social media to television and our phones alerting us all day long.

Protect your energy from attack and take a journey of discovery at our one day intensive workshop. Your energy is wonderful, look after it!

Join Dr Susan Phoenix and Barbara Whiteside at this special event.

  • At our workshop, you will gain…
  • An understanding about the energy surrounding us
  • The tools to be able to “step out” of your busy life and find peace, calm and serenity
  • The skills to reenergise and recharge your batteries
  • The power to use your special energy field to its full potential

  • What can you expect on the day?
  • Guided meditation
  • Past life regression
  • Interactive Tarot reading
  • Understanding the Chakras or energy centres of the body
  • Auras and what they mean
  • How to use your intuitive energy to read others (with and without cards)
  • How to deal with and protect you from the “difficult energies” around us

“Allow the people of the world access to their own soul’s healing powers as they learn to interact with other dimensions in safety and peace without chemical intervention or fear.”

Dr Susan Phoenix

This is a day that can change how you see yourself and others forever. You may not remember what is said but you WILL remember how it makes you FEEL.


“ A great introduction to energy work which was practical and insightful!”

“ I feel I was in the experience and very relaxed- will be so happy to come to many more!”

“Thank you for a wonderful day, I felt lovely, relaxed, warm and supported!”

“An excellent rewarding workshop!”

“I think what was covered was a fantastic mix of topics. Very Thought provoking - awesome!”

“I cannot think of anything to improve, it was as perfect as it could be!”

“ Thank you sooo much Barbara and Susan, what an amazing day, I feel spiritually enlightened!!!"

“Thanks for an amazing day!”

“ My energy soared like a good holiday”

“Thank you so much for a great day.”

“Felt very energised. I really enjoyed all of the interaction between us all. Surprised me!”

“Saturday I drove an old friend and I to Brighton to attend an Energy Course. 11 women, 2 facilitators, meditations, stories shared, tears shed, numbers exchanged, lives altered..."

“Thank you for Saturday. It was a generous day of sharing and insight. It was a day of kindness and support... "

“After such a brilliant Workshop I am sure you sent off a group of people who had a deeper understanding and on a high...”

“…..Thank you for the workshop in Brighton I enjoyed it and have been working on some issues that the workshop “bought up” so that has been great …”

Upcoming Workshops

Join Dr Susan Phoenix and Barbara Whiteside at one of these special event.

2nd June 2018


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About us.

Dr Susan Phoenix

The “unconventional psychologist”, author, intuitive and energy healer. The traumatic death of her husband stimulated her research into the science behind spiritual practise. A consultant for complementary therapies for treating depression, specialising in bereavement and Past Life Regression.

Barbara Whiteside

Barbara has been reading Tarot for over 25 years. Her highly accurate interpretation of the cards and their messages has made her a sought after reader and energy worker. Her skill set includes Energy Healing Massage and working with her clients to re-balance and re-vitalise their Chakras.

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