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Dr. Susan Phoenix – Author and “unconventional psychologist”

Susan was a military nurse, youth worker and psychologist for deaf children in Northern Ireland until the 1994 death of her Irish husband in a Chinook helicopter crash on the Scottish Mull of Kintyre. Her English childhood bedroom was home to a Victorian lady complete with a bustle and a little girl with hair piled high. Unlike the heroine, in her novel, Indigo 33, like Barbara, she grew out of seeing spirit energy and did not see (or feel) anything else until her husband was killed. Feeling his spirit a few hours after his death lead her to research scientific papers about energy in the environment.

Within 3 months she had lost both her parents and husband to the other dimension, removing her life anchors. Avoiding doctor’s offers for tranquillising drug support her scientific mind lead her to research complementary therapies and non-chemical help with grief and depression encouraging a new path in her life.

She has written two best selling non-fiction biographies (one, Phoenix, Policing the Shadows, co-authored with Jack Holland.& Out of the Shadows now available on Kindle). Indigo 33, her first novel, evolved as a result of her personal research into the world of clairvoyants, healers, energy medicine and psychic phenomena.

She contributed her own chapter in Soul Secrets, published by Hay House in 2006, where she presented her dream “to allow the people of the world access to their own soul’s healing powers as they learn to interact with other dimensions in safety and peace without chemical intervention or fear.”

In her quest for personal peace Susan moved from Northern Ireland, first to France and then Spain, before realising that all happiness and peace can be found inside of you. She now lives on the English south coast. Her well grounded humour and tongue in cheek style earned her a reputation for no nonsense therapy in life. Clients came to her looking for “unconventional psychology”.

She ran highly acclaimed inspirational workshops in past life regression, (trained by Dr Brian Weiss in 2012, in New York’s Omega Centre) meditation, grief management and self-development, helping others to enjoy their life more by understanding the power of universal energy. Now working with the talented healer and psychic medium England, Barbara Whiteside, allows workshop participants to have the best of several dimensions. The combined well grounded professional experience of Susan and Barbara gives a scientific and therapeutic emphasis to their Energy Within workshops.
Susan´s campaign to have all modern energy healers use the term “complementary” rather than “alternative” is designed to encourage medical and complimentary healers to work together. Co-operation,Science, spirituality and loving energy are her mantra.

Read more here http://susanphoenix.com/

Barbara Whiteside

Barbara was well grounded in a business background with Global Logistics and engineering companies. It could have been a very different life path had Universal energy not reminded her there was other work to do.

Barbara experienced spirit and energies all through her childhood but didn’t know how to interpret them. She could see people’s energy field and feel their loved ones around them. As she grew up society, of course, taught her (just like Susan twenty years before) to doubt what she had seen and felt.

When we start to doubt ourselves we sometimes need a bit of help. Barbara knows how hard it is having suffered a nervous break down and being prescribed all sorts of pills by well meaning doctors. She eventually turned it all around, got off the medication and found how to use her own energies for positive outcome and strength. So yes it is hard but it can be done – She knows!

At twenty four, she went to visit Cornwall’s Tintagel for a holiday. She walked down to King Arthur’s Castle at sunset on New year’s day. She felt that something was behind her. As she turned around she came face to face with a tall man in chain mail and white tabard with a red cross on front. A real Crusading Knight in Chain Mail. He had a red pointed beard and was smiling kindly at her. Barbara instinctively knew that if she turned he would disappear. She felt instantly loved and warm and very happy. A feeling she will never forget.

Next morning she went into a local crystal shop and the woman behind the counter called her over immediately. She began to tell Barbara about the encounter with the Knight. She had no way of knowing who Barbara was, a stranger in town. That was the day she got her first tarot cards and learned that she was a healer and card reader. She knew that she had a different path to lead away from her working world of business, not an easy step to take in a suspicious and cynical society.

Nowadays she uses that same energy to heal in massage and counselling people to re- balance their soul energy thus becoming less stressed. She is helping to re balance Chakras whilst teaching people how to access their inner strengths. This promotes positivity in their lives, reducing the need for medication to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.

Now an international reader, her highly accurate interpretation of the cards and their messages has made her a sought after reader and energy worker.

Together Susan and Barbara are about giving people that self knowledge to deter their need for drugs and stimulants to “cope” with busy stressful lives. They know it is possible to get high on your own energy field at any age. Workshop participants testify to the caring, loving energy that they experience.

Read more here http://www.barbarawhiteside.co.uk/

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